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Senin, 03 November 2014 - 21:17:24 WIB

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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014 - 10:57:00 WIB
Bunda PAUD Monitoring Team Appreciate Bantaeng
Bunda PAUD National Monitoring Team praised the program of Bunda PAUD in Bantaeng in applying one village one PAUD which is very useful and help children in the village, especially where early childhood service is unavailable.  Appreciation is conveyed by Head of Partnership Section, Sub Directorate of Institutional and Partnership, Robert, SH, MH, ... Read More

Sabtu, 06 September 2014 - 16:30:03 WIB
Lies F. Nurdin Represent South Sulawesi on National Appreciation to PAUD Mothers
PAUD Mother of Bantaeng, Lies F. Nurdin will represent South Sulawesi on PAUD Mothers Appreciation in national level which will take place in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), at the end of September 2014.  Lies F. Nurdin certainty to represent South Sulawesi in the national event, concluded after she was selected as outstanding PAUD Mother in 2014, which were carried out in the ... Read More

Senin, 25 Agustus 2014 - 09:47:14 WIB
Head of BP-PAUDNI Regional III Officially Closed the Training of PAUD Teachers in Bone Bolango
Bone Bolango - Head of BP PAUDNI Regional III Makassar, Dr. H. Muhammad Hasbi, officially closed the entire series of Training of PAUD Teacher - Elementary Level in Community Learning Centre (SKB) of Bone Bolango, on Saturday, (23/82014) at the Auditorium of SKB Bone Bolango.  Training which has been held for four days from 21 until 23 August 2014 was as described by the ... Read More

Jumat, 25 Juli 2014 - 17:58:58 WIB
Competency Improvement of PAUD Inclusion Teacher
A number of teachers from kindergarten in Bantaeng and Bulukumba attend Teacher Orientation of Competency Enhancement Development Program in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Inclusion BP-PAUDNI Regional III in Bulukumba regency.  Early childhood teachers who participated in the orientation that lasted for SKB Bulukumba, Tuesday (15/07/2014), it is those who are in school are ... Read More

Minggu, 20 Juli 2014 - 14:30:23 WIB
Bunda Kindergarten Raise Funds for Gaza
Israel's military assault troops to Gaza ignited a sense of solidarity with Muslims around the world to help the Palestinian children who are victims of such attacks.  Since media news of civilian victims and children of Palestine became collateral damage, a number of community groups raise funds directly to help them. One of them is the Bunda ... Read More

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014 - 21:18:51 WIB
Early Childhood Education for Children of Kajang Dalam
There is a big number of early age children in the Indigenous Regions of Amma Towa, District Kajang, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, where education is a privilege they could not afford.  To help these children, Center for Development of Early Childhood, Non-Formal and Informal Education (BP PAUDNI) Regional III, in collaboration with SKB Bulukumba, will make Early Childhood ... Read More

Sabtu, 05 Juli 2014 - 18:49:31 WIB
One Village One ECE of Jeneponto Complete in 2015
The government of Jeneponto Regency is targeting One Village One ECE program will be completed in 2015. Therefore, parents would not have any difficulties in finding kindergarten around the neighborhood.   Chairman of PKK Jeneponto, Hamsiah Ikhsan, on Thursday (03/07/14), said the development of  ECE institution in every village became the priority of PKK in ... Read More

Kamis, 26 Juni 2014 - 00:00:09 WIB
Inauguration of Early Childhood Education Pupils in City Hall
That morning, Saturday (06/14/2014), hundreds of young children crowded the spacious room of the City Hall on Ahmad Yani St, Makassar. Colorful fashions wrap their tiny body. Some wearing school uniforms, some wearing traditional costumes.  They are getting ready to attend the Inauguration of Early Childhood Education Pupils held by Office of Education and Culture in ... Read More

Kamis, 19 Juni 2014 - 21:04:18 WIB
Seminar of Character Education for Early Childhood
Association of Bone Student, State University of Makassar held a national seminar entitled Cultural Values-Based Character Education for Early Childhood in the Postgraduate Hall, on Wednesday (18/06/2014). The event, which was held in cooperation with the Alumni Association and Student of Early Childhood Education presents Dr. Widya Winata, M.Pd from University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta as a ... Read More

Kamis, 12 Juni 2014 - 16:08:25 WIB
Stage Attraction in Farewell of Kemala Bhayangkari Kindergarten
Stage attraction by early age children amaze visitors in farewell event of Kemala Bhayangkari kindergarten in the Brimob dormitory Jalan Sultan Alauddin Makassar, on Tuesday (06/10/14). The event begins with a poetry reading by two pupils,Nayla Ramadani and Muhafifah. They read a poem called “my teacher” written by Principal of Kemala Bhayangkari kindergarten, Ani ... Read More

Selasa, 03 Juni 2014 - 19:57:34 WIB
Encouraging Children to Worship through Storytelling
Committee of Isra 'Mi'raj in Khalifah Kindergarten invite a storyteller to encourage students of kindergarten located on Jl. Pelanduk Makassar. The storyteller, Heruman, when attending the event of Isra 'Mi' raj, Tuesday (06/03/2014) says, encourage children to worship can be done through the medium of storytelling whose message is more easily accepted ... Read More

Jumat, 16 Mei 2014 - 13:07:04 WIB
General Director of PAUDNI at Pesona Bahariku Kindergarten in Saugi Island
General Director of Early Childhood Education Non-Formal and Informal (PAUDNI) Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Lydia Freyani Hawadi, Psi, visited Pesona Bahariku kindergarten organized by Marine Central (the Navy) VI, on the island of Saugi, Pangkep District, South Sulawesi, on Thursday (15/05/2014). Besides visiting early childhood on the island that has a population of ... Read More

Jumat, 16 Mei 2014 - 10:02:58 WIB
General Directorate of PAUDNI Expect Work Map from Data Officer
Data Collection and Quality Officer of PAUDNI should have a work map and master their respective sectors. The reason to that is resulting data will be very useful as a cornerstone in meeting the various needs related PAUDNI. "Officers must also understand his task of data collection in the field so that the resulting data can actually be accounted for," said General ... Read More

Selasa, 15 April 2014 - 18:23:37 WIB
In Illiteracy Eradication, Gorontalo beats South Sulawesi
Data as of December 2013 on the One Village One PAUD Program shows, Gorontalo Province was able to realize 91.7 percent. The achievement put Gorontalo in eighth place nationally that have been realized 69.4 percent.   While South Sulawesi province was second in Sulawesi corridor with the achievements of the thoroughness of the one village one PAUD program of 82.7 percent. ... Read More

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