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Selasa, 15 April 2014 - 18:23:37 WIB

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Senin, 24 Maret 2014 - 12:01:56 WIB
Still 377 Thousands PAUD Units in Necessity
General Director of Early Childhood, Non-Formal, and Informal Education (PAUDNI), Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Lydia Freyani Hawadi, Psychologist, said the number of early childhood institutions is still very limited compared to the needs. The number of early childhood institutions are needed as much as 551,779 institutions, while there are 174, 367 new ... Read More

Rabu, 05 Maret 2014 - 13:31:46 WIB
Allocation of APBD for PAUD Development Relatively Low
Makassar - Allocation of budget revenue and expenditure (APBD), both city and province level to the development of early childhood education (PAUD) is still very minimal. In fact, to achieve the target of one village one early childhood education, will need a big cost, while allocations from the central budget is limited. "Sharing budget in city and provincial level of the ... Read More

Senin, 03 Maret 2014 - 21:32:25 WIB
Rama Kindergarten Become Pilot Project
That afternoon, Wednesday (26/02/2014), smile continues to rise on the face of the former Mayor of Makassar, Malik B. Masry and Rabina Malik. Kindergarten that they had built  a few years ago, visited by a special guest, General Director for Early Childhood, Nonformal, and Informal Education (PAUDNI), Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Lydia Freyani Hawadi, ... Read More

Senin, 24 Februari 2014 - 14:18:24 WIB
PAUD Pelangi - School for Scavengers
That afternoon the weather was friendly. The sunlight is not too hot when we arrived at PAUD Pelangi. This kindergarten, which also a role model designed by BPPAUDNI Regional III, is located in the Landfill Tamangapa, Antang, Makassar.   A number of early-age children were step outside from modest-sized house. They turned out to be the kindergarten pupils we will visit. The ... Read More

Selasa, 11 Februari 2014 - 13:51:51 WIB
PAUD Teacher Trained to be Creative
A total of 80 teachers of early childhood education (PAUD) in Pangkep trained to be creative teachers by Madrasah Tsanawiyah An-Nisa of PT. Semen Tonasa based in Pangkep.  Madrasah Tsanawiyah An-Nisa of PT Semen Tonasa advisor, Kasim Ma'mun said, the early childhood teacher training which held for four days was guided by a master trainer from ... Read More

Jumat, 24 Januari 2014 - 08:38:11 WIB
Himpaudi Committee of Bantaeng Inaugurated
Chairwoman of the Association of Teachers and Education Personnel of Early Childhood (Himpaudi) South Sulawesi, Andi Besse Marda, inaugurating Himpaudi Committee of Bantaeng Regency period 2014-2018 led by Lies M Nurdin, at Balai Kartini Building in Bantaeng, on Wednesday (01/22/2014). In the committee, the spouse of Bantaeng Regent Nurdin Abdullah, Lies M Nurdin, accompanied by ... Read More

Kamis, 16 Januari 2014 - 07:55:29 WIB
13 Villages in Maros Without PAUD
Government determined to resolve the target of Maros One Village One Program in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in the 2014. "The target is in accordance with the instructions of the First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono whom asking all regencies and cities to finalize One Village One Early Childhood Programs as soon as possible." said PAUD Mother of Maros, Suraida Hatta, on ... Read More

Senin, 06 Januari 2014 - 10:21:57 WIB
Majene Targeted Gross Participation Ratio of PAUD 75 percent
Government of Majene regency in West Sulawesi trying to increase the Gross Participation Ratio (GPR) Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in the area to 75 percent in 2014. The target is expressed by the Majene Regent, Kalma Katta, while attending the Inauguration of Andi Nirvana Kalma as PAUD Godmother in Majene, on Tuesday (31/12/2013). Kalma Katta hope inaugural PAUD ... Read More

Jumat, 27 Desember 2013 - 14:51:35 WIB
In 2014 All Villages in Bantaeng Will Have PAUD
Bantaeng regency planned that in 2014 all the villages in the regency should have Early Childhood Education Institution (PAUD). The idea proclaimed by Chairwoman of PKK in Bantaeng regency, Lies F Nurdin. Godmother of early childhood in Bantaeng, even hope the program will be executed before the end-term of 2014. "We expect the first half of 2014, PAUD already ... Read More

Jumat, 13 Desember 2013 - 18:32:07 WIB
General Director of PAUDNI Visits Representative Kindergarten in South Sulawesi
Disciples of State Kindergarten South Sulawesi who was sitting around in the hall simultaneously sing to welcome the General Director of Early Childhood Education, Non-Formal, and Informal (PAUDNI) - Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Lydia Freyani Hawadi, Psychologist, at their school, on Thursday (12/12/13). While visiting the kindergarten, she was accompanied by the Head ... Read More

Senin, 02 Desember 2013 - 15:02:04 WIB
General Director of PAUDNI Inaugurate Technical Orientation of PAUD
General Director of Early Childhood Education, Non-formal and Informal (PAUDNI), Prof. Dr. Lydia Freyani Hawadi Psychologist, inaugurate the Technical Orientation of PAUD in the Hall of BPPAUDNI Regional III, in Makassar, on Saturday (30/11/2013). Inauguration of this orientation which is held in cooperation with the Board of Education of South Sulawesi, coupled also with the opening ... Read More

Kamis, 28 November 2013 - 14:31:17 WIB
Barru Targeting One Village One PAUD
Having succeeded in realising the program of One District One PAUD, the government of Barru regency increased the target into One Village One PAUD. Godmother of PAUD who is also the Chairwoman of PKK Barru, Andi Citta Mariogi Idris, said, there are many young children who should have been entered in their early childhood education but currently untouched. Those children ... Read More

Jumat, 15 November 2013 - 00:02:45 WIB
Event of Clean and Healthy Living in Jeneponto
JENEPONTO - On Wednesday (13/11/2013), As-Syuura Foundation held the event of Application of Clean and Healthy Living (PHBS) which located in Bulo Sibatang village, Bontoramba District, Jeneponto Regency. This event was attended by the children of the kindergarten and early childhood education institution from the surrounding area along with their mother.   As one of the ... Read More

Selasa, 12 November 2013 - 09:34:55 WIB
Pare-pare Asked to Make Kindergarten 'Free of Charge'
PAREPARE - Pare-pare government is expected to optimise the Early Childhood Education (PAUD) for both play groups (KB) and kindergarten (TK). In fact, if possible, city government asked to eliminate the education cost in pre-kindergarten level. This was revealed in a meeting between the Deputy Mayor of Pare-pare, H. Ir. Achmad Faisal Andi Sapada with Technical Control Team from ... Read More

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