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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 10:55:37 WITA
Smart House ‘Jala Bina Cendekia’ Taught Children About Maritime
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Makassar, look different. Learning House that launched on January 23rd prepared all the teaching materials that were very related with daily activity of participants.

As a first step, this learning house, only accept children for early childhood education (PAUD). The meeting lasted only for one hour. Around 30 boys participated in the first day of the study. Even though it only lasted an hour, but still, happy smile painted on their faces.

"Although this only for the first class, we are still dealing with early childhood education, but we actually designed the concept of learning for adults as well," stated Secretary of the Smart House Jala Bina Cendekia, Sitti Rahmiati.

Smart House that built in Navel Base (Lantamal) VI Makassar is not only for young children, but for all age groups as well. Among teens and parents who want to acquire knowledge, they can use the facilities available in the Smart House.

In addition to provide space for children to learn in their early age, the manager also provides a dedicated space for adults. One of them is Kriya Centre room. Anyone can learn there. Whether members of the Navy and the public.

Inside the room, said Rahmiati, participants can learn a variety of skills, such as sewing, cosmetology, and cooking. Besides Kriya Centre, on the second floor of the building there is also Reading Centre and Multimedia Centre. In the multimedia space, maritime-themed films will be screened.

Since launched, as of January 23, 2013, there were 50 children are listed in the Smart Home. Currently, they only study three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

"Learning of early childhood is emphasis on playing to stimulate fine and gross motor skill of children," he said.

One of the differences between Smart Houses ‘Jala Bina Cendekia’ with other learning tools is there are specific teaching materials on maritime to introduce the children about the sea, the types of fish, shipping, and a number of matters related directly to maritime that children love the sea. (Translated by Awan)

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